Aria Positive Psychology Coaching, Life and Wellbeing Coaching

Aria is more than hair. 

Friendly, personalised positive psychology coaching, life coaching, and general counselling services.

Aria Wellbeing provides positive psychology coaching, life coaching, and general counselling services. Our focus is on coaching individuals with practical knowledge and support to take a leading role in life.

Drawing on positive psychology coaching, our goal is to provide you with the tools to move your life from simply surviving to flourishing.


Our services


At Aria Wellbing, we focus on helping clients lead a rich, full, and meaningful life through helping clients articulate goals, and draw on strengths to put thought into action. We can work together to customise several sessions into a packaged bundle to achieve goals specific to you like: 

  • Moving forward

  • Boosting happiness

  • Widening your strengths

  • Work engagement

  • Relationship growth

  • Improving health


And many more.


Note: We do not provide clinical psychology services. Our services as based on positive psychology coaching and life coaching.


Aria Wellbing is a private billing practice. Our services are not eligible for rebates. We offer in person coaching at our premises, or by phone or video conference which can be booked via Telehealth.  

Time is a precious 


Before you  invest time and money  it is important to determine if this is a service you would find beneficial, and whether we could work together in ensuring positive solutions.  Therefore, we offer a free 20-minute chat to all prospective clients.  Get in touch today using the button below, or click bellow to book an appointment directly.  

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