Seeds for Life

One of our core aspirations is to become a leader is sustainability.  We know that home growth vegetables sustain life, but also have a range of other benefits such as:


  • save money and supplement your household food supply

  • save water – home grown food uses less water relative to the amount of food harvested

  • reduce your shopping miles

  • reduce packaging

  • reduce food waste

  • enjoy fresher, more nutritious and more delicious food

  • know exactly what you're eating (e.g. no pesticides)

  • get some exercise and reduce your stress levels.


We also know that local charities need support.  Therefore, we are pleased to announce we are launching our ‘Seeds for Life’ charity program.  In salon, we have a variety of seeds available for $3 per packet.  All sale proceeds will be donated to a local charity.  Clients will be able to choose from 


  • Arundel Park Riding for Disabled

  • Labrador Community Centre


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Vegetable Basket
Image by Kat Yukawa